Homeschool by DVD

I love living in the country. We’re at the rural edge of one county, where it joins up with the rural edge of another county. Twenty minutes to the nearest small town, in any direction.

Life on the county line is good. Internet service, not always so much. So when I started looking at video lessons for my visual-learner son, I searched for DVDs.

Need help with algebra? They’ve got algebra. And physics. And chemistry. And Engineering DVDs. They also have worksheets on DVD that you can print off as needed, along with step by step solving answers.

I’ll be reviewing these in more depth later, but color me thrilled with the options!

Definitely starting here for next semester. They also offer free quick algebra lessons in your inbox. Just sign up.

When I told my son he was getting DVD Latin lessons, his reaction was underwhelming. When the Visual Latin I package came, there was much excitement to pop the disc into the player. It was all my excitement, I must say. My scholar simply said, “*sigh* -*eye roll*-Mommm. Fine, I’ll watch it later.”

Five minutes later: “Hey, Mom….this guy’s pretty funny…”

Ten minutes later: “Hey, Mom! Did you know how to make a Latin plural?”

Fifteen minutes later: “Hey, Mom….did you know the didn’t use the word the?”

Inner-Mom-Geek did the happy dance!

Next year, I’m looking to source our History and Economics from Compass Classroom, as well as Visual Latin II.

Do you have any ed video sources you recommend?

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